2016 Commercial Litigation & Arbitration Forum

Dealing with complex business disputes, issues of regulatory compliance and fraud can detract from efforts to succeed. Safeguarding the value of your business is a critical priority — no matter the size or industry sector. With over 4,500 forensic professionals around the world, we will assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal advisors in dealing decisively with complex commercial disputes. By advising on the financial aspects of contracts and deals that often give rise to disputes, we can also help you reduce the risk of future problems before the deal is even signed. We can support you in effectively presenting your position on financial and commercial matters in international arbitrations and court proceedings. We are able to provide robust independent views that bring together deep forensic accounting knowledge, sector insight and our extensive cumulative experience of advising on matters in most dispute resolution forums worldwide.

EY’s UK Bribery Digest Edition 9 – August 2016
EY’s bi-annual UK Bribery Digest examines completed UK bribery and corruption cases and provides insight into current corruption-related discussion topics.
Early 2016 saw a high degree of focus on bribery and corruption matters, both globally and here in the UK.
In the ninth edition of EY’s UK Bribery Digest, we discuss the implications of mass data leaks for corruption risk management, the forthcoming international anti-bribery and corruption standard ISO 37001, as well as developments in the anti-bribery and corruption activities of the UK Government.
To download this and previous editions of the Digest, visit ey.com/uk/briberydigest.

14th EY Global Fraud Survey 2016
EY’s latest Global Fraud Survey, ‘Corporate misconduct - individual consequences', explores how global enforcement trends are shining the spotlight on executive integrity.
The Survey represents the views of nearly 3,000 senior decision-makers in 62 countries and territories, and provides compelling insight into perceptions of fraud, bribery and corruption across the globe.
The Survey reveals overwhelming support for increased transparency as regulators cooperate across borders to hold individual executives to account, with respondents both globally and in the UK agreeing that prosecuting individuals will help deter fraud, bribery and corruption. Their research finds that boards could do significantly more to protect both themselves and their companies.
To download a copy of the Survey and UK Viewpoint, visit ey.com/uk/fraudsurvey.